Week 13: sonnet poem

Lost in the maze of time,

buried under the debris of worry.

Waiting for hopes sunshine,

to shine brightly apon me.


Burnt by the fire of jealousy,

searching for life’s right track,

even though hate’s load is heavy,

i can’t get it off my back.


Entering the castle of doubt,

drowning in the sea of guilt,

wanting to find a way out,

But my destiny hasn’t yet been built.


But somewhere somehow I’ll survive

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week 12: have i improved?

In my personal opinion, no i have not improved

week 11: choice poem

Image result for roses

Roses are red, violets are blue

sugar is sweet,

and so are you

but the roses are wilting

and the violets are dead

the sugar bowl is empty

and so is your head.

Picture credit : https://www.ssjwoodlands.com/rainbow-roses/

week 7 choice blog

I hate the nights where I feel so hallow inside.

I feel so damn empty and out of place.

I hate the nights where my mind wanders to the unknown.

And all I return with is sadness.

I hate counting the tears that rush down my face and collect

upon my pillow.

I hate that the only thing I  have at night to comfort me is


the only thing I feel

surrounding me is



I hate it all….

Image result for loneliness

picture credit : http://survivingyoursplit.com/divorce-loneliness/

week 9

The waves are racing

towards the shore

boom! crashing…… more more more!

the sand is crunching beneath my feet

boom crash crunch crunch.

i march to the beat

sandcastles toppling

umbrellas whisking by

storm clouds brewing

land meets sky

booming waves

biting wind

full gray clouds

lat the storm begin





Week 8 : digital footprint

I think my digital footprint is I wouldn’t say exactly the best because I have on social media posted things with bad words on it. I know it is not okay but I did. Other than that I have left a good footprint. 

Family post

This weeks post is gonna be about my family, so to start i live with both my parents and my sister. i have six  other siblings. My brother bryce has lived without a home for 3 years in a tent next to a river me and my parents just found out. So my parents decided to take him to the mission, after searching his bag they found needles in his bag so at this moment he is in rehab getting better. my other brother hunter started to do drugs after my sister katie had died, I dont know where he is at but all I know is that he is dating some girl works at job core and part time does drugs. My other brother Tre lives in north carolina with his drug addict mom and is graduating this year. My sister tristyn is living with me and my family at the moment getting a divorce with her first husband and trying to get custody of her baby. My other sister cassie is well i dont know all i really know is she works at Papa Murphy’s on river road and currently living with her boyfriend Isaac. That is to wrap up my messed up family other than my sister died december 6th of 2015. We dont know how she died. She was only 24 when this happened me and my family have a private investigator trying to find out what happened.

week #6

The night you died my heart was torn in two one side

filled with heart ache the other died with you. I often lay awake when

The world is fast asleep and take a walk down memory lane. With tears apon my cheeks.


remembering you is easy oi do it everyday

but missing you is heart ache that never goes away


I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain until the joyus day arrives that we will meet again.